Watching TV online is becoming the norm around tech-savvy households. The only problem is the typical day-after delay you get with services like Hulu or Netflix. The HD HomeRun Dual is the perfect solution. This DVR connects to a standard ATSC digital antenna and broadcasts live over-the-air channels straight to your computer.

The HD HomeRun Dual doesn’t have internal memory; instead, it uses your computer’s hard drive as its recording space. While we don’t like the thought of using up our hard drive to record TV, it’s better than paying for cable and a monthly usage fee for a DVR – once you buy the Dual, it’s all yours, and you can buy an external hard drive if it gets to be too much. This DVR can schedule recordings and has two tuners for antenna and cable access.

As a computer-based DVR, this unit is quite compatible with most of the elements we deem essential. It works with both PCs and Macs, and HD and SD TVs.

Unencrypted digital cable TV and free, over-the-air channels are the HD HomeRun Dual’s bread and butter. It can’t access anything more than that, but if you know your way around Windows media center or Elgato, you may be able to access more online video programs.

Ever wondered which channels are broadcast over-the-air for anyone to watch? Head to Silicon Dust’s support page, type in your zip code and they will provide an extensive (depending on where you live) list. They also have downloadable drives, FAQs and direct access to technical support through email or social media networks. A one-year warranty is included with the DVR.

HD HomeRun Dual Summary:

We like the idea of watching and recording free, over-the-air TV via the HD HomeRun Dual, but we wonder why Silicon Dust doesn’t include Hulu, Amazon Video and Netflix apps in the DVR software. If it would include online streaming video to their repertoire, they would be unbeatable.

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HD HomeRun Dual

You can watch live TV from any computer in your home.

The unit is not intended to replace your cable box.

The Verdict
: 8/10

This DVR is great for those who already use a computer to access television.